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I am a grade eleven student at Northern Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario. Running has been my passion since I ran my first cross country race in the first grade. Since then, I have become more involved in the running community, and have for the past five years competed and trained with Central Toronto Athletic Club. As a club member, I have competed at provincial and national level competitions. I am very hardworking, and a focused student as well as athlete.


School: Northern Secondary School

Curriculum: Ontario Secondary School Diploma

GPA: 3.78 (unweighted)

Ontario average: 86%

Standardized Test Score: Taking Spring 2018

Favourite Courses and Strengths: Maths and Sciences

Intended Major: Psychology (B.S)

My Hobbies

I love to spend time with my family and friends. I especially enjoy hosting parties so I can share with them my passion for cooking and baking.

I also enjoy working with children. During the summer I volunteer as a camp counselor at a week-long camp for single mothers and their children. When I'm back at school, I often babysit children in my neighbourhood. I also volunteer as a basketball coach at my former elementary school, and with the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto.

Needless to say, I love playing sports - all sports. Growing up I played on as many school sports teams as possible. I excelled at soccer and basketball. I played rep soccer for four years and, from 2009-2016, competed as a high-level rep basketball player. I'm always open to trying new athletic activities.

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